About Me

Co-Parent Empowerment Coach

Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach attained from Conscious Co-Parenting Institute

We All Deserve to Live in the Light of our Authentic Souls and emanate unconditional love and it is my mission to guide you there
I work with clients by providing guidance and support for Chosen parents on their path to transform into optimized versions of themselves by doing the deep work and going inward to seek understanding, knowledge and tools to best heal their unique family dynamic.

My Story

I have been immersed in the most incredible healing journey for the past 7 years that has led me to my current role as a Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach.

Following my own dark night of the soul- my divorce, emotional cut-off from my beloved children and battle with breast cancer, I found myself in a very dark, low and disempowering place.  Unconsciously creating stories about myself and my life while believing I was unworthy and unlovable kept me suffering and in victim mindset.  Through my pain, I was tired of living the same scenario day in and day out until I started to awaken and realize I can tame my pain and turn it into purpose.  Purpose of being worthy and standing in my power knowing I can create the life I want and deserve.

My family dynamic shifted after my high-conflict divorce and experiencing an emotional cut-off from my children.  I searched long and hard for answers of why and what was happening in my once seemingly normal and close parent-child attachment bond from subtle to an abrupt breach in my relationship with my children.  Upon years of education and research I now know what this term is that affects 22 million families world wide.  “Parental Alienation” is the coined term and I’m joining the mission to help families heal and repair their severed relationships one family at a time, starting with mine.



My healing journey continues to amaze me, is magical, non-linear, enabled me to attract my tribe, brought me work that is meaningful and fulfilling, makes me passionate for the zest of life again, has taught me so many valuable lessons and remembering why everything happened FOR me instead of to me.  I’m learning that myself and everything around me all share energetic fields and we can co-exist in the most beautiful way.  I surround and attract people who are able to build me up, uplift me and treat me in loving and respectful ways.  I also finally learned how to love myself and radically accept me for who I authentically am, unapologetically.

And it is my honor to share these nuggets of wisdom and knowledge and be able to hold the container of unconditional love and acceptance in our own awakening, healing and spiritual journey.  This freedom is invaluable.  I invite you to stand in your Chosen parent power and start healing yourself and your beloved family.

Peace within, so you can have peace outward.

If you are interested in personal 1:1 coaching and support along your healing journey, please contact me for a complimentary strategy call.